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Experienced digital communications specialist with a background in education and a MA degree in Publishing from Oxford Brookes. Skilled in editorial, academic and technical writing, along with proofreading skills and a high attention to detail.

Experienced with social media outreach, digital marketing, website development, search engine optimisation, digital advertising and video production.

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I have five years’ experience in public relations and digital marketing, with expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media, web development, digital advertising, video production and copywriting. I have also been asked to present a range of presentations for businesses on digital marketing techniques. 

Video production is a particular passion of mine, and in 2019, I was “Highly Commended” at the Drum Awards for the Digital Industries, for my fundraising video for the City of London School for Girls. This has since been nominated for a PRCA Digital Award in 2020.

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Glenside Hospital Museum

Glenside Hospital Museum is set in the asylum chapel, built in 1881. The museum collection is of three hospital histories.

First, that of mental health: the chapel itself shows the optimism and hope that Victorians put in to make Bristol’s mentally ill well.

The second story is that of Stoke Park, the yellow house on the hill, and the learning disability hospitals.

And the third, we were part of the World War One Bristol story. Beaufort War Hospital was the asylum. All the patients were sent to other asylums, and 30,000 soldiers were treated.